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Aspiration = Variety


A huge variety goes along with the topic Aspiration. Aspirations are different from person to person and vary from ordinary down-to-earth ideas to uncommon and more unrealistic dreams. But the thing that all the aspirations share is that it is always somehow a search for happiness in life

– whether this comes from emotional experiences or from material possessions.

In the project parts ANALOGUE, 3D & VR and VIDEO we dealed with the various aspects of Aspirations and tried to portrait the differences between people's dreams. We created movieposter-styled double exposures, an VR-poster exhibition and a Video which is about the hard work behind Aspirations and about how to achieve your goals. 



All that is gold not glitter, not all those who wander are lost.









What I most aspire in life is freedom - in every aspect of life.









Stand for peace, freedom and love.









I'm happy when I travel, and that's the most important thing.









life is short, got no time to waste, future starts now.