Pizza All Over The World

Submitted by identity on Mon, 06/18/2018 - 10:25

Martin is clearly one of the most talented pizza bakers in Austria. He is the owner of his own little Restaurant called „Pizzarante“. But as the „Pizzarante“ only offers the common Pizza versions that everyone knows already, many people think it’s kind of boring, which is why it isn’t visited very often. To get his Restaurant back into the winning ways, he has to go on a journey all over the world to search for something new, something that gets people interested again. Will he manage to find something?

We are Team Frozen, five students of the university of applied sciences in Vorarlberg. At the beginning of the current semester, we had the task to built several media projects about one topic. For us, this was belonging. We decided on the sub-topic Pizza, because food is something that can really define home or belonging. Pizza is that kind of food, which is made all over the world, but in every country it can be quite different. So we wrote the story about Martin, and made a cookbook, a game and a video around this story. 

You can explore the whole story and our projects on our website.